Numerous surfing and kitesurfing hotspots

Ile de Ré’s beaches may not be quite on a par with those of the Basque country and the Belharra wave isn’t likely to make an appearance anytime soon… but that doesn’t stop amateur surfers from enjoying the island’s swell. There are multiple surfing hotspots both in the north and south and something for every level!

Depending on the conditions, the most experienced surfers will head to the north, specifically to Conche des Baleines, beside Pointe des Baleines in Saint-Clément, or Lizay, Petit Bec or La Loge beach. Then more to the south of the island, they’ll appreciate spots at la Pergola in La Couarde, les Gouillauds, Gros Jonc in Bois-Plage, without forgetting the famous Grenettes in Sainte-Marie de Ré.

When you’re on the bridge they look like jumping butterflies! On windy and sunny days, whether winter or summer, it’s often hard to count the number of sails at sea: kitesurfers and windsurfers are out on the water, making the most of the  Rivedoux south beach, a haunting ground for these disciplines which also invade the island’s other beaches, particularly in winter.

To cater for everyone aged 7 to 77, the island boasts numerous surf and kitesurfing schools. We can mention Ré Surf for example on Gros Jonc beach at Bois-Plage or Surfin Ré on Conche beach in Saint-Clément, which cater for all levels of surfers.

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