On the water or nowhere

The Atlantic Ocean, the wind and the geographic location of Ile de Ré make it an exceptional spot for amateur and experienced sailors alike, who are sure to satisfy their love of the sea.

There’s something for everyone! Some will be happy to stick to their windsurf or paddle board, while others, more optimistic, will opt for a dinghy or catamaran. On an island, it’s not difficult to find a school that provides good-quality classes or courses. Present just about everywhere on Ile de Ré, windsurfing schools cater for all ages and levels.

In Saint-Martin, Ile de Ré Nautisme, on La Cible beach, is the closest to La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa****. Also worth mentioning, “La Cabane verte” in Bois-Plage, the Goisil water sports centre in La Couarde and of course “Les Dauphins“, the Albeau family’s windsurfing school in La Couarde.

For the most experienced, lightweight dinghies, large catamarans and high-sea sailboats are available for hire for a few hours or all day, with or without a skipper. The perfect opportunity to take a tour of the island, discovering in the best possible way the Banc du Bûcheron sandbank and the Fier d’Arts bay in the north, without forgetting the sail under the Pont de Ré bridge in the south.

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