La Baronnie from the sky

Take flight and soar above the rooftops in search of hidden treasures, and discover everything that can’t be seen with your feet on the ground.

The charming four-star hotel is also part of the architectural heritage of Ile de Ré and its capital Saint-Martin, La Baronnie Hôtel et Spa**** features twenty four rooms, suites and independent guest-houses, located in a quiet, unspoilt and peaceful environment. And what could be better than an overview of this beautiful 18th century building, which is listed as a Historic Monument, than a panoramic view of its façades, terraces and gardens?

Over lawns set in shade and sunshine, a large paved inner courtyard and floral paths, this private tour ends a short distance away, at the Port of Saint-Martin de Ré.

The Vauban Star Fort stands out in the evening light, one of the most beautiful sites on the Ile de Ré and Charente-Maritime, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.