Bar & Wine Tasting

Understated luxury to enjoy special moments

A hotel bar is always a sociable spot, where you can meet guests staying overnight or for several days, some who return regularly and others who are in search of new discoveries. The doors of the La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa**** Bar are open to all.

IT is one of those places that offers something different, a unique personality and charm, whether you are passing through or returning with pleasure.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the port of Saint-Martin, the Bar at La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa**** offers a sophisticated alternative, in the serene heart of the 18th century building. As soon as you walk through the door it’s clear there are some wonderful surprises in store.

It is accessed through a magnificent inner courtyard whose cobblestones alone evoke the unspoilt authenticity of a listed building. Surrounded by orange trees and their heady fragrance, the door opens to reveal red leather armchairs and light wood furniture, complimenting the décor that is unostentatiously elegant. On the right, a large lounge with soft sofas has a welcoming family feel.

But the real surprise is at the back, behind another door: filled with century-old trees and lush vegetation, an intriguing garden beckons, like a stray piece of paradise lost.

Whether inside or outside, reclining on sun loungers or relaxing in the cool shade, you can enjoy a peaceful and pleasant experience, with an à la carte selection to suit all tastes.

In addition to hot and cold drinks, teas, herbal teas, cordials and sodas, the bar also serves traditional aperitifs, champagne, fine spirits and after-dinner drinks, cocktail lovers can enjoy the classics or try an original creation prepared by a talented bartender. There are wines from Bordeaux to Provence, from Burgundy to the Loire, all stored carefully in the nearby 13th century vaulted cellar. Don’t miss out on the flavours typical of our region and the Ile de Ré: Cognac, Pineau and also Pastis and Ré la Blanche beer.

At the La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa**** Bar, alcohol is the only thing that should be consumed in moderation!


The bar is open every day from 5pm to 11pm. It is also open to non-residents.

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