Atypical rooms

1 to  2 guests

Welcome to the extraordinary La Baronnie!

In addition to the rooms, some decorated to make the most of the light, others furnished with a classic character that respects their surroundings while remaining modern, there are two rooms that are in a category all of their own. One is a detached lodge located in the heart of the garden, the other is tucked away at the hotel’s highest point.

The Indian Lodge, ethnic chic

Looking out over the tall trees in the garden and the old well, it faces away from the Spa to guarantee privacy. Two small stone elephants stand guard on the grass at the entrance.
The “Indian Pavilion” is unlike anything else you might find at La Baronnie, in Saint-Martin or probably even anywhere on the Ile de Ré.
In true La Baronnie style, its meticulously carved teak facade is an 18th century original. The interior is also made using repurposed antique wood. The Italian style shower is the bathroom is huge.
The Indian Lodge is resolutely natural and boasts a rugged elegance. Guests staying in this room are invited to enjoy a peaceful stay. You won’t find a TV or phone in this accommodation. Ideal for a refreshing break from the digital world and a chance to disconnect from being constantly online!

The Romanesque Tour des Amis

Another place, another atmosphere, and before you enjoy it you’ve got to find it first! In the central listed building section of La Baronnie, at the end of a long corridor, you can slip through a small door that you would be forgiven for thinking had been deliberately hidden.
And behind it – what a surprise! You are greeted by a delightful bathroom flooded with light, while on the right, a staircase leads you up another level. Don’t despair, it’s worth it!
At the top of one of the two towers at La Baronnie, you will find this room tucked away. Named “La Tour des Amis” or “The Tower of Friends“, it is straight out of a childhood fairy tale.
A beautiful canopy on the four poster bed as delicate as a wedding veil, a fluffy quilt and antique furniture make the most of the space. And from its three windows, you can enjoy a 360° view of the hotel’s gardens, before gazing over the rooftops to the church and the sea. A timeless, romantic little place….



203 €

Unusual Room Features

Indian Lodge

Size: 20m²
For 1 or 2 adults.


King size bed with 2 single beds available on request
Shower room with Italian style shower – Hair dryer
No television – No telephone
Mini bar – Safe
Free WiFi

Complimentary Les Collectionneurs products

The Tour des Amis

Size: 20m² over two floors
For 1 or 2 adults


Queen size bed
Bathroom with bath on 1st floor, hair dryer
With or without air conditioning
Flat screen TV – Telephone
Mini bar – Safe
Free WiFi

Complimentary Les Collectionneurs products

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