On the beach, under supervision !

Sunbathe, swim, run, simply walk or sit to admire the different shades of the ocean and sky in all their states… Along its 100 kilometres of coastline, the beaches are one of Ile de Ré ‘s main assets, and an infinite source of pleasure, from morning to evening during all seasons.

Beaches at the time of summer

Right now ! The heart of summer, the moment to bask in the sun and stretch in the freshness of the water, to learn a water sports, to let go of the kites.

Beaches are the favourite playground for families. They are so many that you can often change from one to another. Altough with children, especially the younger ones, supervised beaches seems a better option.

Many of them are accessible by bike, adding to the perspective of laziness, a walk by the sea or in the heart of the vineyards, all in an afternoon. For others, it is better to plan a full day, and perhaps to drive there. To everyone to see. Ré is the island of freedom !

From « Saint-Martin » to « La Couarde » villages

Beyond the Citadel but close to La Baronnie, the beach of La Cible isn’t so large but its sand is fine and soft, and there is a sailing and kite surfing school. It is very convenient to put two hours of beach in the program during the day also engaged in other activities.

By bike, direction « Le Bois-Plage ». Here you live between sea and tree pine forests. Before arriving in its center, you’ll find here is the beach of Gros Jonc, one of the most famous on the south coast of the island. Large, beautiful, there is everything you need to enjoy beautiful days. Very popular in high season !

The beach of “Les Gollandières”

Those who do  not appreciate promiscuity will prefer to push further South to the beach Les Gollandières, classified Blue Flag. Beautiful with its transparent waters, you never get tired of it. Children can enjoy it safely  at the beach club while their parents learn to paddle. Les Gollandières is one the rétais’s favourite.

From the Bois-Plage to « La Couarde », the beaches follow one another. But you have to go to Peu Ragot to find a monitored one. There, the spirit is the same : family orientated.  It’s also on this one that we find the Albeau’s family sailing school, the champion of wich Ile de Ré is proud. Here, children’s snacks are guaranteed : you ‘ll find ice creams, pancakes and churros but also rides, to enjoy the end of the afternoon.

Further but sublime

Leaving La Couarde, it’s the start of the North of the island. Sumptuous beaches are waiting for us, and some of them have been immortlized in songs or films. Direction Ars or Loix ?

The beach of Groin seems to be at the end of the world. Here we are close to the small and beautiful village of Loix. Right in the middle of nature. The beach of Groin, it’s iodine to full lungs, a small wild and quiet side. With loadds of sailing school.

La Conche“, one of the most beautiful beach

Beyond Ars and the salt marshes, one of the most emblematic beaches of the island awaits us. The beach called « La Conche des Baleines » is a jewel offering, in addition to the delights of the beach, a breathtaking panorama. Unavoidable.

Two other monitored beaches are noted, but further south of Saint-Martin : « « Arnerault beach »  in La Flotte and, very close to the bridge, the large South beach of Rivedoux-Plage. To be tasted perhaps on departure, before returning onto the continent.

Of coure, there are other beaches without any monitoring, and where vigilance will be increased in the children’s company. The occasion of another journey along our (bessed) shores.

Have a good holiday !

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