Joachim, here on all fronts !

From morning, you can find him at the réception desk but also all around the hotel. You think that he is here, he’s already elsewhere. With an energy that seems endless, Joachim gives smiles and speeds good mood on each floor of his (multiple) functions.

An international way of life

If he’s born in « Aveyron » and got his high School diploma in Lille (his town of origin)  Joachim spent most of his childood between Africa and Asia. So he has a large view of the world and a universal state of mind.

Later on, he put down his suitcases in New Zealand for four years and got a tourism diploma. Back in France, he returns for more studies, always in tourism.  Finally, at age 31, he signs his first permanent contract in « Médoc ».

A new beginning at La Baronnie Hôtel & Spa****

In 2015, Joachim answers to an announcement from La Baronnie. The job ?  Multi-purpose team member. And that’s right for him as he like versatility ! Dynamic and flexible, he discovers all the faces of an hotel’s life. Quickly, he becomes receptionist and now he is executive assistant. Very involved, he takes care of everything.

Passion for a job and a place

In french or in a perfect english,  Joachim shares with all the hotel’s customers everything he likes about Ile de Ré and Saint-Martin, from the savage beauty of the island to the Saint-Martin‘s harbor’s lights, flowery little streets and must-see places and events, without forgetting the charms of La Baronnie : « never deny himself to work here », that’s what he thinks each morning in front of path and garden. « La Baronnie is a green oasis of serenity ».

« Here, each day is different », says Joachim with a smile, « I’m never bored ». He also likes the hotel’s clientele and her international temper, «  a grateful traveller’s one ».

His favourite room ? It is « Madame de Sévigné » named after the famous Marquise, Baron de Chantal’ daughter, killed during the siege of Ile de Ré. « It’s full authenticity », specifies Joachim, « a real symbol of La Baronnie’s eighteenth century spirit ». But he also loves the charming « Loft », perched upstairs on the second floor, with it’s wonderful view over the gardens.

Which advice for those who would like to have a career in tourism ? « you have to be involved at 100%, appreciate people and do not count your working hours,, show team spirit and enterprise, but you need also energy, ambition, motivation and envy… »

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