Summer begins on Ile de Ré with the Music Festval !

La Baronnie’s team is ready for Summer ! And it’s a good thing as summer is starting Friday with The Music Festival. From Rivedoux to Saint-Clément via Saint-Martin, here is a litte festive selection to welcome summertime with rhythm.

Collective picnic in Rivedoux

It’s now a tradition : each 21st of June, a collective picnic is organized on « The Esplanade de la Mer », in front of a podium welcoming various artists to ensure the atmosphere. Just like the spirit of another event called « The Neighbour’s Day », it’s possible to come with his own tablecloth, knives, forks and of course a full picnic basket, or to prefer to eat on site.

Having dinner is a good thing but what’s going on with music ? It will be diverse, mixing french songs with blues and rock. But around 7.30 PM, the evening will be charmed with « Vahine On Tahiti », a name that says enough and also of another far away island. But what would be the best for celebrating the becoming of summer than polynes songs and dances ?!

Dance with the oysters in Saint-Clément

In Saint-Clément, June 21st is announced also as a gourmand event. It will begin at the oyster’s bar « Les Huîtres de Saint-Clément », where tasting and dinner will take place with music. Installed on the restaurant’s initiative on the churh square, the groovy « Private Pepper Band » orchestra will give the tempo with battery, drums, guitar and keyboard. Guaranteed rhythm for the village’s center with bakery street transformed into pedestrian way.

In the second part of the evening, save the meeting to « La Java des Baleines » tent where music will expect people.

In Saint-Martin, two feast days instead of one

In Saint-Martin, the city has nothing to give for the Music Festival, leaving the entertainment to restaurants and retails. So, as usual, entaitenment will come from the « Kokot » bar as well as « The Cervane » which is located on the harbour’s island. Other things will happen elsewhere, sometimes in a surprising way.

But the most of Saint-Martin’s people already know where they’ll be on Friday evening. By the way and for a few days, when you’re meeting somebody in the street, the question is : « On friday night, are you going to « La Cible » ? ».

« La Cible » is the name of Saint-Martin’s beach but also home to the restaurant club based on the spot. It organizes a feast each year, a real one with performances, firework and of a course a band who is making the show all evening long. It’s very simple : last year, it was difficult to see the sand of the beach, so much as people to dance on it.

On the June 22nd, please keep quiet (or almost). Saint-Martin’s city council will celebrate « La Saint-Jean » in the « Parc de la Barbette ». Here again, music and dance will be on the menu with a rock’n roll show and a DJ Set. Between both concerts, we’ll light up… Saint-Jean fires and it will be the official start to the Summer !

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